7 Reasons to Outsource Payroll Services

For a growing business, hiring a payroll service can really affect the business and employees in a positive way. Although many smaller businesses can get by without a specialized service for this, it can end up taking up a lot of time and extra money to do that. Some of the best reasons to call in payroll reinforcements include the following:


Payroll services are experts in their field so where it may take you a few hours to fill out paperwork or get all of your employees paid; it can take them a few minutes. They are trained and well versed in the lingo and legalities of payroll so they can speed through the work much faster than an amateur.

Attention To Detail

Many things are forgotten or missed when payroll is done in-house by a non-professional. A payroll service will be specifically looking for certain things that businesses tend to leave out or forget and make sure that your business does not suffer the consequences of inaccuracies. If they miss something, they will cover it because they are so confident in their skills.

Less Staff Needed

If your business has in-house staff just for payroll, that is unnecessary, and you can use them elsewhere or simply cut costs by cutting down on the amount of staff your business needs to have on payroll. The cost of a payroll service will almost always cost less than what it takes to train and pay all of the payroll staff for your business. Check here!

They Stay Up-To-Date

Whether there are new laws, new systems or new procedures needed in the payroll system, your business can count on a payroll service to stay up to date on these things. They are masters in their field so they will make sure everything is as cutting edge and secure as possible.

Flexible And In-Tune To Business Needs

If there are changes in your business or certain special needs that your business has for payroll, a good payroll service like payrollserviceaustralia.com.au will cater to that and be able to be flexible. They are used to many different business practices and are easier to redirect than in-house payroll staff where systems may have to have an overhaul and new training etc.

They Save You Time

The time saved, especially for large businesses, by payroll outsourcing is incredibly valuable. With international businesses and companies with more complex payroll systems and structures, this is really the best option because it keeps the company focused on what it is good at and what it needs to do rather than having staff and/ or employees distracted with trying to manage payroll issues.

Save A Lot Of Money

Time is money, so if they are saving you and your employees time, they are saving you money because that time can be used better elsewhere. They will also help you avoid costly mistakes and steer clear of certain risks that can end up very costly.


The decision to turn payroll management over to another company may be the easiest decision of your business career. Payroll outsourcing truly is the way to go. Click here for further details: https://www.billyberks.com/5-questions-you-should-ask-a-prospective-payroll-outsourcing-provider/

5 Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Payroll Outsourcing Provider

Payroll outsourcing in Australia has become very popular. Of course, it is one of the best ways to help save a lot of cash and who wouldn’t want to save a little bit of money here and there. However, when it comes to choosing the right payroll provider, it can be an important if somewhat difficult decision; it does take a lot of hard work and thorough research before choosing the right one. Check here!

However, what are the 5 question you should ask a prospective payroll outsourcing provider?

How Does The Charges Work?

It will be important to understand how the fees are to be calculated when you use a payroll service. For example, if the business is rather big and continues to add more people to the workforce every so often, you want to know if there is a charge per change. Some providers may charge one set price a month for everything that is done or, some may choose to set a specific fee for every transaction made including changes to bank details or adding or changing staff around. It is important to understand the fees so asking about the charges is vital.

Report Availability, How Often Will These Be Available?

Every business does things differently to the next and some needs to have payroll reports done within a certain period of time. Some businesses may want a monthly report while others want a quarterly report. Every business has their own set needs but it is important to ask how and when a payroll service Australia will handle the reports and when they will become available also. Click here for more information: https://www.billyberks.com/payroll-software-and-online-payroll-services-which-is-best/

Will There Be Any Penalty For A Cancelled Agreement?

Many businesses do pick a payroll service only to find in a few months time that it isn’t the right option for them; this results in them cancelling the contract or the agreement they have but it could cost a big penalty. Some payroll services will charge a huge amount for clients who choose to cancel the agreement early. It will be important to get to know what sort of early cancellation fees there are.

Is There Any Insurance If Something Goes Wrong?

Anyone can make a mistake and when someone uses a payroll outsourcing company, they could also make a mistake. It does happen even to the professionals so it will be important to know whether or not the provider has some sort of insurance should they make an error or mistake. If they make a mistake, it could result in the business facing hefty fines so it will be important to ensure the provider has cover for any mishaps that occur due to their fault or neglect.

How Quick Is Customer Service to Enquiries and Questions

A payroll service Australia absolutely needs to have a good bond with the company they are working for and that means they need to have a great customer service team. It will be important to ask about the customer service team and whether or not they are quick to respond and how they handle all enquiries as well. Many people don’t think about asking about customer service but it will be important to enquire about the team.

Get the Best Provider

Anyone can choose the right payroll provider they see but that doesn’t offer the best results. That is why it’s important to stop and take the time to ask the right questions to the provider. If they do not answer the questions and you don’t feel comfortable with the service, you can look elsewhere. However, you do need to remember that asking the right questions is vital to find the best provider. To find out more, use www.payrollserviceaustralia.com.au.

Payroll Control Can Help Keep Payroll Fraud to a Minimum with Payroll Service

Payroll Control Can Help Keep Payroll Fraud to a Minimum with Payroll Service

Payroll fraud is a source of loss for every business but with payroll service, fraud can be stopped in it’s tracks. Whether the business is small or large there has to be a very clear understanding to all employees that they are being monitored and that fraud is not tolerated in the place of business. Payroll is one area where employees try to commit fraud, but with some control tactics in place, payroll fraud can be kept to a minimum.

Three major successful business practices to cut down on payroll fraud

    • separate duties of payroll department
    • management and boss monitoring of payroll
    •  monthly auditing of payroll and have payroll reports run

Separation of payroll duties is one of the most important defenses against payroll fraud.

When payroll services are all done by the same person and no one is watching that one person, you might be opening your business up to some kind of payroll fraud. The best defense against payroll fraud is dividing and delegating payroll duties so no one person is in control of the whole payroll situation. When duties are mixed and given to people that have no connection to the other as in whoever writes checks, is different than the person who enters employees into the system, and whoever checks hours is another person. All the duties also need to be checked and monitored by supervisors so that no one person has total control except the boss.click here to read more information about best payroll services.

Payroll Control Can Help Keep Payroll Fraud to a Minimum with Payroll Service

Management Monitoring of Payroll Duties is Important in Payroll Control

 Employees generally don’t want to feel like they are being watched, but some sort of payroll service helps keep control of payroll. Very simply put in place a monitoring system so that everyone involved in payroll knows that someone in management and even the boss is involved in the payroll duties. The monitoring helps keep employees in line from feeling they have any chance to commit any type of fraud. The best defense against fraud is the idea that fraudulent activity will be caught and the person prosecuted.read more about payroll fraud and polices at https://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,4534,7-359-82917_92258—,00.html

Auditing Payroll on a Monthly Bases Helps maintain Payroll Control

 Monitoring and auditing payroll among payroll service may seem like the same thing but it is not. When employees know that a monthly audit will be preformed it is another set of defenses against someone trying to commit payroll fraud. It may seem like extra work and extra time but it is so important to have a monthly audit and make sure that employees know that the boss is watching and cares where his money is going and coming. With no monitoring or auditing assumptions can be made and fraud can begin. Monthly auditing of payroll cuts down payroll fraud and helps maintain payroll control.

When a business owner takes a little extra time for payroll control it helps keep payroll fraud to a minimum. There are three major ways to help maintain a healthy payroll department separation of payroll duties and monitoring and auditing payroll practices. Payroll fraud makes up for quite a bit of loss in revenue so when a boss takes the time to keep payroll service in line with simple reports they are sure to keep their payroll fraud under control.